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  • Founder/Director: Michael Milham
  • Strategic Planning: Randy Buckner, F. Xavier Castellanos, Daniel Margulies, Michael Milham, Yu-Feng Zang
  • Project Management and Website Design/Layout: Maarten Mennes, David Gutman
  • Databasing: The XNAT Team (, David Gutman, Saroja Bangaru
  • Logo and Artistic Support: Daniel Margulies and the Neuro Bureau
  • Current Contributors for Proactive Data-Sharing: Randy Buckner, Cameron Craddock, Stephen LaConte, Daniel Margulies, Stewart Mostofsky, Arno Villringer, Yu-Feng Zang, the NKI/Rockland Team, the NYU/IPN team and the Neuro Bureau.

Request Access & More Information

Given the increased amount of information provided in the INDI datasets, we are requiring that individuals register with the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project website on NITRC to gain access to the INDI datasets. Upon successful registration, users will have full access to the datasets, and the right to unrestricted usage of the datasets for non-commercial purposes, just as before.